In 1999, Infinity Construction was invited to put together construction plans for building fish farms around Australia and overseas. After considerable research into the engineering processes, Infinity became excited about the idea of becoming involved with aquaculture. Spotting an opportunity within the nascent fish farming industry, Infinity purchased a plot of land in Bargo in the Southern Highlands, and built a facility.

Infinity created a new division to manage the enterprise - Infinity Fisheries. The facility, farming barramundi, soon ran into trouble with its crops of fish regularly dying. A high concentration of iron in the bore-drawn water supply (40mg/l) was identified as the cause of the problem. Infinity realised it needed a chemical-free process to treat the water supply. It approached a group of scientists and its internal engineers to come up with a solution to the problem. They came up with a unique chemical-free system to treat the water to below drinking water standards.

At the same time, Infinity became aware of a new Gas Infusion groundwater remediation technology developed in Canada. Infinity utilised this technology to increase the dissolved oxygen in the water to maximize the output of the farm.
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The success of this meant that Infinity Fisheries' farm was able to stock higher levels of fish per tank, hence increasing their production output. Its proximity to Sydney meant that it could provide fresh, organic fish to the local, national and international markets.

The success of the water filtration unit for the fish farm led Infinity to see a new opportunity open in the water remediation/filtration sector. With issues such as drought and the growth in demand for sustainable water sources, Infinity decided in 2006 to establish a new division - Infinity Environmental - that would focus on developing products using the tried and tested Gas Infusion technology and its unique ground water filtration system. This has massive potential, not just within Australia but across the world. This is a versatile technology that can be applied for all water treatment requirements - from treating human waste, commercial and industrial generated waste water, to groundwater remediation.

In 2008, Infinity Environmental joined forces with Infinity Constructions to joint venture with GE water to build Sydney International Airport Recycled Water Treatment Plant.
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