Effect rapid, no bubble, gas transfer (inFusion)
Create ultra-saturation dissolved gas conditions, e.g. dissolved oxygen concentrations of hundreds of ppm;
Allow long term retention of extremely high, nascent dissolved gas concentrations
Virtually eliminate dissolved gas losses into the atmosphere
Achieve gas transfer efficiencies with respect to power used, of 7 to 9 times that of the best conventional methods
Produce less dense liquids
Enhance performance and increase capacity of existing process infrastructures
Be flexible and comparatively small to be fitted into, or parallel to, conventional process technologies; and
Be easily operated and maintained.
Gas inFusion™ technology is a global platform technology with numerous potential market uses, both stand alone and bundled with other technologies. inVentures Technologies incorporated (iTi) is currently focused on several market applications, including:
Groundwater Pressurized Remediation Optimizer (gPRO®)
High Pressure (HP) system
Groundwater remediation
Live Fish/Seafood Transport
Water/wastewater treatment
Enhanced mineral leaching
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iSOC Brochure
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® High Pressure - Brochure
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Gas infusion for groundwater remediation newsletter
iSOC™ is a specially designed, highly structured, microporous
mass transfer device invented and manufactured by
inVentures Technologies incorporated (iTi) for use in enhanced
groundwater remediation.

Based on iTi's Gas inFusion
technology and pictured right, iSOC
has been proven as an effective means
for enhanced groundwater remediation ”
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Gas Infusion & Groundwater Remediation
Gas inFusion™ technology is a unique method of infusing gas into liquids with demonstrated ability to:
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Technical Process

"The infusion of ultra-high levels of nascent dissolved gas is all about mass transfer. Although iTi is definitely not expert in all of the potential market applications for Gas inFusion, iTi does have world class expertise in mass transfer.

iTi's various Gas inFusion devices incorporate an inert polymer matrix barrier made of microporous hollow fibre (MHF). As illustrated, MHF is a type of fibre, about the outside diameter of fishing line, made of various materials, and essentially filled with holes. The size of the hole is controlled in the manufacturing process to produce different fibres with effective pathway diameters of typically 0.1 to 0.5 µm.

MHF produces a stable interface for mass transfer with more surface area, and holes, in the same space than any other material-in excess of 7000 m2 per m3-and is
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hydrophobic. The type and characteristics of the fibre, the size of micropore, and the proprietary designs and techniques developed by iTi determine its effective use in various applications. "
Groundwater Remediation