Infinity Environmental produces an innovative automatic, valve-less Australian made water filtration for the removal of dissolved iron, manganese and other contaminants from ground water sources in industrial, commercial, municipal or agricultural industries.

Additionally, the plant effectively removes dissolved gases (hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, methane, etc) and provides a reduction in suspended and colloidal particles.  The unique filter not only includes aeration and degasification, itautomatically conducts all of the cycle of filter operations-filtering, backwashing, rinsing and return to service without the use of valves, or electrical controls.  The system comprises a complete filtration unit that combines the following functions in a single module.
Up to 2.4 ML/day Filter Module
  Filter Modules
Design Flow Rates
Dimensions of the Main Vessel
10-20 KL/day
700mm diameter by 2000mm high
20-50 KL/day
1260mm diameter by 2100mm high
100-200 KL/day
1830mm diameter by 2100mm high
200-300 KL/day
1450mm x 1200mm by 2600mm high
Up to 1.2 ML/day
3050mm x 2440mm by 2890mm high
Up to 2.4 ML/day
6060mm x 2440mm by 2890mm high
Up to 4.8 ML/day
12190mm x 2440mm by 2890mm high
10-20KL per day Water Filter

10-20KL per day Water Filter

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Infinity iron removal filters are the ultimate chemical free and hassle free bore water filtration systems.
Infinity Water Filter Product Brochure
Ground Water Characteristics
Groundwater Quality
Filtrate Quality
Soluble Iron
From 0.3 to 70
< 0.3
From 6.4 to 8.2 (i & ii)
6.8 - 8.3
> 50 (iii)
Dependent on initial Fe value
Hydrogen sulphide
From 0.03 to 9
< 0.030
Free carbon dioxide
From 1.0 to 300
Dependent on initial Fe value
Soluble Manganese
From 0.05 to 7
< 0.05 - 0.10 (iv)
Suspended and colloidal particles
From 1.5 to 50
< 1.5
At low pH values, pH correction maybe required
At pH values less than 6.7, conditioning of the media maybe required
The minimum alkalinity requirement is 50mg/l. This could increase, and is dependent on the soluble iron value of the raw water.
Manganese reduction is achieved using a combination of “Iron Filter / Manganese Filters” the oxidants used are: Atmospheric oxygen, bacteria, adsorptive media or reagents.
Results From  Water Filter Trials
Department of Commerce Trial
Narranderra Shire Council Trial
Riverina Water Trial
Coonamble Shire Council Trial

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Specific Solutions

The system design is common for all flow-rates. However, individual systems may vary in configuration or add-ons depending on the raw water quality and/or the customer’s requirements.

Customers are requested to complete a
questionnaire; the provided answers will enable us to design a system that would provide a tailored solution to meet your specific needs.
Infinity Water Filters, the ultimate chemical free and hassle free borewater filtration systems are also available via our resellers throughout Australia.
Contact us for more information.

Iron Removal Filters
The filters are equally suitable for the removal of low and high concentrations of dissolved iron. The filters are commercial in size and have been used to remove iron concentrations up to 50mg/l.. The system can also be used as a pre-treatment stage before other conventional applications such as Reverse Osmosis, Ion-Exchange, Micro-Filtration, etc. All our systems are manufactured in Australia are able to handle flow rates from 20KL per day up to 4.8ML per day in a single module. Larger flow rates are handled by a battery of filter modules installed in parallel.
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Main Advantages
Chemical free, Non-reagent purification of water
Simple and reliable
Automatically undertakes the full cycle of filter functions
Simple operation, no moving parts or electronic devices
Low energy demand
Minimal maintenance
Minimal running cost
Inexpensive capital cost 
Modular design allows for addition of future units to cope with additional demand
Removes unpleasant odours from H2S-usually associated with bore water
Compact and re-locatable
Quick to commission
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